Design is neither fad nor fashion.

Interior design is about finding a lifestyle and creating your own personal expression.

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Art in Design

“If interior design is the main course, then art is the ultimate dessert.” – Mimi Rosenthal

Art is such a wonderful part of design. It’s art that brings your space to life and helps to establish its character. And it is art that can inspire the overall design or be the inspiration for the colors and textures that will be used. Often a special piece of art will become the main focal point in your room.

It is not just pictures on a wall that tell your story. It may be a sculpture on a pedestal, an African mask enclosed in an acrylic box, a fabulous mobile hanging from the ceiling, or a collection of pottery. Equally as important is the way you frame, hang and light your art.

At Mimi Rosenthal Design we strive to design rooms where furniture pieces and art connect beautifully with each other. We work with galleries, art consultants, framers and installers.

Let’s work together to make art a beautiful part of your life.

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Design Takes Time

“Designing a home is an ongoing, living project, and it should evolve over time.”
– Sherri Donghia, Author

Successful design is a combination of imaginative planning, innovative products, and a close collaboration between client and designer. It is important to take the time to fully understand the lifestyle, needs and dreams of my clients in order to create an interior that is distinctive and unique to them.

I want my clients to feel heard and supported throughout the design process, and delighted with the end result. What I create with my clients adds real value to their lives.


I design modern interiors with a reference to the past. I often incorporate furniture pieces and decorative objects from another period or culture in my designs. It is a reminder of how much we owe to the contributions of the artists and designers who came before us. It is the past finding its place in a contemporary setting.

I use calming colors and luscious fabrics in my designs. It is the careful selection and use of textiles that plays such an important part in creating a well-designed room.

My interiors are uncluttered, comfortable, and inviting. They are a reflection of my clients’ individuality.

Let’s talk about your project.

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